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Oliver is a SEO Manager at Frog HQ. He loves creating fun content, solving technical problems, and the camera whenever the Frog Blog needs someone to model giveaway swag.

17 July, 2020 by Oliver Brett

Five Ways SEO Has Changed In the Last Five Years

I got a job offer to be an SEO Consultant for Screaming Frog while I was sat in a rather goofy graduation hat and gown. My parents then humiliated me by running around telling all the other parents of my uni pals (who we’d literally just met for the first...

12 February, 2019 by Oliver Brett

Learn To Crawl: SEO Spider Training Days

On the 24th of January SEOs gathered in London for Screaming Frog’s inaugural SEO Spider Training Event. Attendees flew in from far-flung places such as France, Germany, and even… Cornwall. (If you’re British you’ll appreciate just how far away that is!) Their destination was Marble Arch, London. More specifically, room...

For a digital industry there’s much to be said for how much we all love an in-person lecture. Maybe it’s a collective longing for those rosy university days, or perhaps it’s just the buzz (and the beer) found at many of our favourite industry events. Seemingly though, if you want...