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Licence Key

If you have just purchased a licence and have not received your licence, please check your spam / junk folder and check it hasn't been caught in filters such as MessageLabs.

You can also view your licence(s) details and invoice(s) by logging into your account.

If the Log File Analyser says your 'licence key is invalid', then please try inputting it in again carefully. The licence keys we provide always work, so please read our FAQ which covers common mistakes inputting a licence key.

Open a Support Ticket

If you require support from the Screaming Frog team, then please email us or open a support ticket below. Please remember to provide specific details about your issue, including any relevant details of the website, your operating system and ideally logs as well.

We aim to answer support queries within 24hrs during usual working business hours.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem with the Screaming Frog Log File Analyser, please follow these steps -

  • Please carefully read our FAQ which covers common problems and our user guide which provides detail on how to use the Log File Analyser.
  • If you are running the PC version, please make sure you have the latest version of Java and you have the 64bit version if you're running a 64bit machine. If you are running the Mac version, please make sure you have the most up to date version of the OS X which will update Java.
  • Please uninstall, then reinstall the Log File Analyser, ensuring you are using the latest version and try again.

If the problem persists or you have experienced a crash, please also send us your log file to analyse. Please follow these steps -

1) Open the Log File Analyser, click on 'Help' and 'Debug' in the menu and click the 'Save Logs' button to save to send to us.

2) Please e-mail the saved logs to lfasupport[at]screamingfrog.co.uk. (Replacing the [at] with @).

3) Please remember to include your licence username and key when you contact support and provide details of when you experienced the problem and the log files you uploaded.

Please note - We do not offer support for the lite version of the tool. However, we will generally look into any issues. If you own a licence we try to look at any problems within 7 days of a support submission.

Support Ticket

Fill out the form below to open a support ticket.

Alternatively email us at lfasupport@screamingfrog.co.uk

If you need to send us your logs, open the Log File Analyser,
click on 'Help' and 'Debug' in the menu and click the 'Save Logs' button.
Your privacy is important to us

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