Meet The Team

Coffee goes in. Award-winning SEO campaigns, PPC ROI, interactive content, PR coverage, and industry-leading SEO tools come out.

Dan Sharp


Dan co-founded Screaming Frog and has developed search strategies for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium-sized businesses for over 15 years, working in some of the most competitive industries online.

Dan helps keep Screaming Frog‘s clients ahead of the competition by researching and monitoring the latest developments in search and predicting tweaks to the search engines’ ever evolving algorithms. He also designed and managed the build of the innovative Screaming Frog SEO Spider software. Since its launch the SEO spider has established itself as the leading onsite technical SEO auditing software in the industry.

Dan won recognition of a ‘talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionised the UK search industry’ in the UK Search Awards.

When not being a geek he likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and chat about football to everyone who cares to listen – which is nobody at Screaming Frog.

Graeme Radford


Graeme has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 15 years. Having previously founded, grown and sold one of Europe’s largest digital marketing agencies, Graeme has now decided to focus purely on search related services.

Graeme believes that ‘search’ is both fascinating and rewarding to work on and similarly rewarding for clients. With strong growth potential as the economy continues to find its feet, Graeme is looking forward to a bright future for the sector.

Graeme says he has no time to relax. If he’s not working, he’s too busy shooting, sailing and being Dad to triplets!

Jason Lock


Having spent more than 25 years within the digital agency environment, latterly heading up the PPC department, Jason brings a wealth of experience to Screaming Frog.

Starting out as a website programmer, and progressing through account management roles before the arrival of paid search gave Jason the perfect background to get to grips with the technology involved with tracking and analysing complex PPC campaigns.

Having worked closely with clients such as Coca-Cola Africa, WHSmith and Ebookers means he’s acutely aware what a business wants and needs from an agency and ensures that Screaming Frog delivers on all accounts.

When not staring at the screen all day, Jason can be found in his garden trying to maximise the return of his vegetable plot or finding the right keywords to control his children. One day, he may be able to do both!

Liam Sharp


Liam has been developing software for over 18 years and is still as passionate today as when he wrote his first bug program. After having his first child he found himself at home a lot more, with time to kill during his son’s epic three and a half hour naps at the weekends.

Looking for an outlet for his urge to build software he asked Dan if he needed any tools that would help in his job; and so begun development on the SEO Spider. 18-months later the SEO Spider was released and 3 years later Liam found himself working on his hobby full time, rather than just at nap time.

When not coding, Liam can be spotted over at ‘The Lookout’ mountain bike racing, following football and boxing, or relaxing with his family.

Matt Hopson

Head of PPC & Analytics

When he’s not busy running around after his kids, Matt is the go-to guy for all things PPC & Analytics.

After years of running paid campaigns in pretty much every vertical, he has learnt that although people always claim to ‘never click on those ads’, they invariably do, which is great for his clients.

He can usually be found in an ad platform of some description or Google Analytics (probably looking to replicate the old UA reports in GA4), or failing that on Twitter. If you can’t find him in any of those places then he’s more than likely trying to locate the one incorrect $ symbol that’s breaking a ridiculous looking formula in Excel. If that is the case, don’t bother him unless you have coffee & cake.

Patrick Langridge

SEO Director

Patrick is the SEO Director at Screaming Frog, leading a team of talented search marketers and content specialists to deliver best in class technical SEO, creative content and cutting edge digital PR for our clients.

Having been an honorary frog since 2011, Patrick has developed a keen interest in digital strategy, and understanding how search engines work and where they are potentially headed in the future.

Away from the office you might find Patrick playing guitar in his band or complaining about his beloved Arsenal Football Club. You can read some of Patrick’s thoughts over on

Chris Jones

Head of Technical SEO

Chris graduated university in computer science but didn’t find his vocation in life until stumbling across Screaming Frog and the world of SEO – he is forever indebted to us!

Every SEO team needs a few nerdy technical types, and hence Chris feels very at home in the Screaming Frog environment.

If not emersed in 30 different browser windows, Chris might be found sleeping on a hill in Wales or talking technical nerdy with his old uni mates.

Mark Porter

Head of Marketing

Mark has been creating content at Screaming Frog for the last 8 years, helping to secure coverage for clients on some of the biggest websites in the world. He’s seen the rise and fall of many trends within content marketing, and strives to ensure he’s aware of what publishers are receptive to, and what the next big thing in content is.

As Head of Content, Mark oversees the production of all projects, working with an inhouse team of talented and highly creative marketers, designers and developers.

Outside of the office, Mark is kept on his toes by two lively children, and follows the trials and tribulations of Manchester United. He also games way too much on his PC.

Lydia Essex

Senior Digital Designer

Lydia graduated with a degree in graphic design from Swansea Metropolitan University. Unsure about what route to take she happily stumbled across Screaming Frog and the wonderful world of SEO!

She is often found making colourful infographics at her desk, which is decorated with tiny wool hats and kinder egg toys!

When she isn’t designing, she’ll be found playing computer games and leaning how to play her much-loved guitar.

Danny Gonzalez


Danny has two main passions in life; drumming and coding, having started both in childhood. After a brief spell as a professional drummer, he decided to take a more ‘stable’ career path and studied Computer Science, and hence began his programming career.

Danny has been working alongside Liam at Screaming Frog sharing both his passion for artfully crafted software, and spiritual conversations of how to make the world a better place.

In his spare time, he still plays drums for various bands as well as getting bossed around by his 3 kids!

Oliver Holmes

Head of Client Services

Oliver’s earliest memory is of being rescued by a swimmer as he floated out to sea after escaping from the safety of his parents. Other near misses from toddlerdum include: scaling the safety fences at ‘Bird World’ to pat a bald eagle on the head, searching for the ‘Fat Controller’ on local railway tracks and jumping head first down the fastest flume at the local pool, pre-swimming days, with his mother leaping down after him.

Despite these early scares he managed to survive and make it here to Screaming Frog, which he and they (hopefully) are very happy about.

Always trying to push himself creatively, he loves coming up with content for clients using his off-the-wall thinking, mixed with solid business acumen to help achieve a successful link building campaign.

When he is not in the office, Oliver can be found watching WBA throw away another 3-0 lead, writing his never-to-be-finished novel or murdering Neil Young tunes on his guitar.

Valia Kalfa

Digital Design Manager

After graduating with a degree in Digital Media Design, Valia has always enjoyed working with a variety of design projects.

She loves searching for new ideas and challenges, generally while drinking a latte! Valia loves starting new client design projects, creating ‘modern’ illustrations and trying new techniques and technologies.

When she is out of the office, she’s often found hanging out with friends, or working on her own projects.

Aaron James

SEO & Data Manager

Aaron graduated in digital art and game design at Plymouth University before taking up a position as a web designer and developer. He later turned to the world of search and Technical SEO, and hasn’t looked back since.

When he’s not sat in front of computer screen geeking out and gaming, he’s either photographing the world, marshalling idiots, sorry “airsoft players” or managing his semi-controlled pyromania as a professional Pyro-Technician.

Oliver Brett

Head of Strategy

While his class mates were busy flicking through physical books at university, Oliver quickly worked out he could rapidly sift through large volumes of historical material using Ctrl+F in Google Books. This efficient essay-writing technique freed up plenty of time to write creatively in less stuffy academic formats, play video games, and indulge in his favourite genre of films: so-bad-they’re-good.

He joins ScreamingFrog with the aim of using and abusing his pungent sense of humour. *Sigh.* At Frog HQ he answers to ‘Oliver’, ‘Olli’, ‘Ollie’, ‘Olly’, and ‘Oli’, though only in a bid to enhance his keyword searchability.

Ewa Kozakiewicz

Office Manager

Whilst looking for a new challenge in her career, Ewa stumbled across Screaming Frog which offered a new and challenging role; keeping the Screaming Frog office and company organised! Ewa loves that every day is different and there are plenty of socials to arrange!

Outside of work, Ewa is often planning her next camping or hiking trip, or destination abroad. Ewa also loves to spend time socialising with friends and family.

Euan Brock

Senior PPC & Analytics Manager

Having entered the world of digital marketing back in 2012 by chance, Euan hasn’t looked back. After returning to ‘the homeland’ of Henley, from what he describes as a 5 year sabbatical at Loughborough University, he joined Screaming Frog. With an initial grounding in both SEO & PPC, Euan now dedicates his time managing complex PPC campaigns for a variety of clients.

Outside the office Euan is a Newcastle United follower, can often be seen on a cricket field or whenever he can get away, a ski slope with friends. Euan enjoys almost all sports, including tennis, golf, F1, rugby and even the NFL (go Green Bay!).

Sam Hutchins


Having completed a degree focused on electrical engineering, Sam has seen the light and moved on over to the wonderful world of software development.

Outside of work Sam can be found exploring the local area while thinking about the complexity of the universe or what witty remark he could have made that one time, 6 years ago. He also enjoys playing games, watching films and TV, and listening to music.

Bex Stirling

Head of Digital PR

After being told off one too many times during class for being too chatty, the careers department at school told Bex that ‘there was this thing called PR, which involved lots of talking’ and that ‘she might be rather good at it’.

Fast forward ten years and Bex is happy to say she took her school’s advice and worked for two global PR consultancies, specialising in the ‘exciting’ sectors of B2B tech, shipping and oil and gas, before settling down at the more varied world of Screaming Frog.

Bex loves the creativity that comes with working in PR and enjoys nothing better than implementing strategic creative campaigns for her clients and building relationships with key media across the B2B and B2C sectors.

When not at work (aka: chatting to people on the phone) Bex loves dancing and still continues to dance in various ballet and hip-hop groups across Oxfordshire. She also loves to sing and performs with semi-professional opera groups (but notably is always cast as a boy or a small child in every show).

Bex’s greatest achievement in life is that she can still do the splits, even though she is pushing thirty and constantly reminded of this fact by the ever-so thoughtful, younger members of the Screaming Frog team.

Daniel Meek

Technical SEO Manager

After graduating with an English Language & Creative Writing degree, Daniel quickly discovered the fascinating and ever-evolving world of SEO. Much to his delight, he soon found himself joining the Screaming Frog team.

Daniel has been playing the piano for the past 11 years, and plans to continue doing so until he makes Beethoven and Chopin look like amateurs (Daniel can also be prone to bouts of overconfidence).

Outside of the office Daniel can be found testing out his own DIY cardio workouts, getting engrossed in a film, or learning hundreds of interesting but unhelpful facts.

Amy Walton

Head of Content

After deciding art school wasn’t for her, Amy graduated with a 1st class degree in Sociology from the University of Bristol. Different cultures fascinate her and she loves exploring new places, recently traveling around Japan and South Africa.

Amy makes up one-quarter of Team PR at Screaming Frog, joining in May 2017 after four years of running political events.

She is a keen gin collector, enjoys getting hyggligt (cosy) with her Danish relatives in Copenhagen, and earning free food from her parent’s Kent tapas bar in exchange for digital links.

Ben Fuller

PPC Manager

Upon graduating from the University of the West of England (UWE) with a marketing degree, Ben knew it was time to enter adulthood and start a career, although not before he took a year out to go travelling of course.

Having specialised in consumer behaviour and digital marketing, he first became interested in Screaming Frog because of its Pizza Tuesdays acclaimed reputation and down to earth culture. Now an established member of the PPC team, Ben helps in managing accounts for various clients and couldn’t be happier.

Away from the office, Ben (seemingly the only local supporter) follows Reading FC through continuous relegation battles and can frequently be seen throwing shapes in the Purple Turtle on a Friday night.

Mairead Folan

Senior PR Manager

After graduating in 2014 – following successful PR placements throughout her time at university – Mairead spent three years leading global lifestyle and fashion PR and Social Media campaigns for an international PR agency in London.

Wanting a change of scenery from the big smoke, Mairead stumbled across Screaming Frog in the scenic town of Henley-on-Thames. Mixing her love of B2C and increasing her knowledge for B2B, Screaming Frog fitted the bill.

After joining in November 2017, Mairead is now an established member of the PR team, managing award-winning accounts and leading successful campaigns across a variety of sectors including motoring, travel, beauty and corporate health.

Having worked closely with companies such as Unilever, Marks and Spencer and New Look, Mairead is skilled at creating PR strategies which both integrate with and support her clients’ internal commercial objectives too.

When not at work, you can find Mairead bottomless brunching, shopping and binge-watching series on Netflix.

James McCrea

SEO Manager

As a child James was convinced he was going to be a rock star. However, by the time his teenage years were over he’d chosen to edit his admittedly rather lofty expectations and, after graduating university with a degree in English Literature, attempted a life as a cover band musician. This led to him playing on a cruise ship with his band and travelling all around the world. Eventually all the sunshine, sight-seeing and partying proved too much for him; when his contract ended he chose to return to England.

This was what brought him to Screaming Frog. Looking to begin a creative career that made use of his love of words, James joined in early 2018 as an SEO Consultant and hasn’t looked back. He relishes contributing to the production of great content, from the generation of ideas to adding the finishing touches.

In his spare time he continues to make music with various bands, and also enjoys literature and video games.

Daniel Sturrock

Design & Development Manager

Trained as an architect, implemented in technology: Daniel is a designer turned developer with over four years’ experience building beautiful websites. From ideation to implementation, he loves the process of bringing a project to life.

Not being someone who likes to waste their time waiting around, Daniel is always keeping himself busy and challenging himself to do new things. When he’s not working hard on a project or coming up with new ideas he enjoys seeking out new and unfamiliar places, playing with a camera or trying his hand at writing stories.

Beverly Ayers


Beverly helps keep Screaming Frog’s accounts organised and clients billed. She loves paper and can often be found nagging the Screaming Frog team for receipts and expenses!

When not crunching numbers, Beverly enjoys time with her family and friends, or on another long and adventurous holiday abroad in the sun!

Jack Prouse

Senior Copywriting Manager

Jack graduated university with a degree in English Language and immediately began a career in copywriting. He eventually made it to Screaming Frog, where he’s in his element creating copy that earns links and keeps people hooked.

Jack takes pride in his writing, always paying full attention to detaim in his copy, and considering other things like how his copy will look on the


Outside of the office he’s a Brentford season ticket holder and loves live music, barbequed food and lager.

Tom Jeffery

Senior SEO & Content Manager

Travelling around Australia, Tom found himself annoying the cast of Home and Away whilst acting unspoken scenes (and a failed spoken one) as a therapist/extra, proving to his family that his Psychology degree from the University of Manchester had all paid off.

The brief moment of stardom was too much to handle and he left Down Under to eat tapas and work in marketing and branding for a Spanish agency. An internship in PR made him realise the power of creative content and link building. He has been passionate about the ever-changing digital landscape and creating world class content ever since.

Outside of work Tom continues to be a travel enthusiast and is still attempting to master a foreign language, whilst regretting everyday that he decided to support his local football team Reading as a ten-year-old.

Remi Rosenthal


After four years staring at a computer all day to earn a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bath, Remi fled east to join Screaming Frog – at which point he began to stare at a computer all day so he could annoy his team by exposing software bugs or giving the SEO Spider unnecessary makeovers.

He has since migrated farther east so he can continue to do the same – but now with a nice view of the sea. In his spare time, he can be found staring at a computer all day playing video games or trying to cram the entire Japanese language into his head using nothing but flashcards.

Danny Sutton

Senior Copywriter

While trying to narrow down his career prospects, he realised he’d have to park his dream of becoming a marine biologist after spending his once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching trip hanging his head off the back of the boat.

Having graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in journalism – and after a year ironically not getting rich ‘stacking bread’ at his local supermarket – he decided to take the plunge into the world of copywriting, where he loves creating written content for a purpose.

When he’s not writing unequivocally sublime, inarguably eloquent and wholeheartedly unpretentious content that’s easy to understand and free of big words, you’ll probably find him on his couch with a lager in hand and waiting for his Subway order on Deliveroo.

Jim Tatum

Senior SEO Consultant

Jim studied to become a Sports Journalist at the University of Gloucestershire and, after three years of watching horse racing at Cheltenham, graduated in 2018.

During a pulsating 6-month stint at The Reading Chronicle, Jim covered such classics as the much-anticipated grudge match between Debbie and John at the Caversham Vegetable Growing Championships, Reading FC’s thrilling 1-0 home defeat to QPR and many more.

The all-action lifestyle of local news took its toll, so Jim settled down and found a job that was easier on his heart. He decided to team up with Screaming Frog to take advantage of their excellent communal fruit selection – restocked bi-weekly.

Outside of the SEO world, you can find Jim enjoying a beer with his friends or scrubbing mud off of his horrible lovely Labrador.

Steph Hugman

SEO Manager

Steph graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in English Language and Linguistics. Contrary to what you may believe a Linguistics degree involves, it doesn’t mean she knows any other languages, and a 5-month stay in Venice didn’t change that fact.

After working in education marketing for a while, Steph joined the Screaming Frog team. Now an enthusiastic SEO, she has settled in like a duck to water, or a frog to a pond? She’s particularly interested in UX, onsite SEO, and content marketing.

Not a fan of gyms, Steph likes to keep fit by pole dancing and dabbles in the other aerial arts of hoop and silks. She’s also a keen baker, and enjoys making a good mess in the kitchen that usually results in some rather tasty treats.

Becky Waldren

Senior PR Manager

After graduating from The University of Salford in 2018 with a degree in Multimedia Journalism, Becky began her career as a Showbiz Journalist for Star Magazine, The Sun and MailOnline.

Ditching the glamour of red carpets and celebrity events, she took the leap to the dark side and joined a PR agency in Manchester, before eventually joining Screaming Frog as a Senior PR Consultant.

Becky loves to travel, discover new restaurants, shop and nap. When she’s not working you can find her with a cocktail in hand.

Georgina Radford

PR Manager

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Georgina managed to blag her way into a job in social media despite having never had a Facebook account.

It was here that she was first introduced to PR and decided it was significantly more enjoyable than the job she was actually there to do.

Looking to pursue a career in PR, she leapt at the chance to join Screaming Frog as a PR Consultant and is since thrilled to have joined the frog pond.

Outside of work, Georgina spends her time baking, reading, and training her relentlessly stubborn golden retrievers.

Laura Pisanello

Senior PR Consultant

After earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, Laura pursued her love of news and worked as a journalist and editor in Johannesburg.

In 2021, she took a leap into the unknown and moved to the UK to pursue new interests. Shortly after touching down in the UK, Laura joined the Screaming Frog team as a PR Consultant. She soon realised this new career path was her true calling, where she could apply her writing skills and love for the news in a new way.

When she’s not working, Laura indulges her wanderlust by exploring her adopted country and beyond. She also finds joy in perfecting her cooking skills and losing herself in a good book.

Ellie Brett

Senior SEO Consultant

After completing her degree in business management and marketing, Ellie decided to enter the world of coffee and barista-ing.

Discovering that whilst latte art is challenging and fun, being on your feet for 50 hours a week is just tiring and no fun. Ellie decided she wanted to do something more challenging, walking in her brother’s footsteps and working in the world of SEO, where she helps clients improve their organic visibility.

Daniel Farmar

PPC Consultant

After working as a barista, Daniel finally had enough coffee to stop feeling so tired and decided to return to the world of study. Realising that he could turn his hobbies into a career, he pursued game design and after a brief stint at Guildford college, his fondness for Cornwall led him to a degree at Falmouth university. Discovering that those skills transfer to the world of PPC he joined the Screaming frog team where he found that keyword planning and budget optimisation is basically just gaming with bigger stakes.

When he’s not working, he spends time with friends and family, plays games, and occasionally gets some sleep.

Josh Matthews

Senior SEO Consultant

In an initial pursuit of coaching experience, Josh stumbled into a media position at Reading FC. Following 2 years at the club and the completion of his degree, he gained a position at Screaming Frog. Appreciative of the training provided, Josh seeks a rounded skillset within SEO.

Away from the office, Josh hasn’t quite accepted it’s too late to become a footballer, playing and training at any opportunity he gets. Outside of sport, Josh loves to try new food (preferably abroad) and poorly recreate the dishes at home.

Kate McDade

PR Consultant

After graduating from university with a degree in history, Kate realised that teaching like most of her family was not the career she wanted.

She spent a year working in jewellery retail and event sales before looking for a new challenge, stumbling upon Screaming Frog and joining the PR team in 2022.

Outside of the office, Kate enjoys watching international figure skating and gymnastics (neither of which she has any talent or experience in), baking, and exploring new cities and countries when she can.

Aaron Rackham


Aaron gained a qualification in Creative Media and Film, before making his rounds through the immersive theatre industry working on narrative script writing. In the last few years, he’s been helping several small tech startups with their tech, B2B and science blogs, before eventually joining Screaming Frog.

Aaron started reading the works of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin in his spare time after school, which led to a love for writing in general. He throws himself into his work for Screaming Frog, coming up with new ideas to help add that special touch to his copy.

When not working, Aaron is passionate about history and considers himself a bit of a film critic when he’s not gaming, meeting his friends around the Dungeons & Dragons table, at a gig, or working on the first draft of his cyberpunk novel.

It’s rare for Aaron to go five minutes without mentioning Akira Kurosawa.

Virginia Hawkins

PR Consultant

After studying developmental and environmental studies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, and earning a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration at Wits Business School in Johannesburg, Ginny ventured to the Mediterranean. There, she worked on a luxury superyacht, relishing coastal life in France, Italy, and Spain.

Ginny met her husband, Harry, and settled in Henley-on-Thames. Running her seasonal organic food business from home, she delved into digital marketing, eventually funding her postgraduate studies through her business profits.

During her digital marketing course, Ginny discovered Screaming Frog, and their SEO spider tool. To her surprise, its headquarters were just a 7-minute bike ride from her home, where she also met Amy, Screaming Frog’s Head of Content. Inspired, Ginny joined the company as a Digital PR Consultant, relishing the opportunity to work with a talented team.

Outside of work, Ginny, along with her husband and 1-year-old son, enjoys the tranquillity of Henley-on-Thames, exploring the English countryside and visiting National Trust gardens.

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