User Guide

For the SEO Spider

Configuration Options

Spider Crawl Tab






Internal hyperlinks

External links


Pagination (rel next/prev)



Meta refresh


Mobile alternate

Check links outside of start folder

Crawl outside of start folder

Crawl all subdomains

Follow internal or external ‘nofollow’

Crawl linked XML sitemaps

Spider Extraction Tab

Page details

URL details


Structured data



Spider Limits Tab

Limit crawl total

Limit crawl depth

Limit URLs per crawl depth

Limit max folder depth

Limit number of query strings

Limit max URL length to crawl

Max redirects to follow

Limit by URL path

Spider Rendering Tab


Rendered page screen shots

JavaScript error reporting

Flatten Shadow DOM

Flatten iframes

Enable website archive

AJAX timeout

Window size

Spider Advanced Tab

Cookie storage

Ignore non-indexable URLs for Issues

Ignore paginated URLs for duplicate filters

Always follow redirects

Always follow canonicals

Respect noindex

Respect canonical

Respect next/prev

Respect HSTS policy

Respect self referencing meta refresh

Extract images from img srcset attribute

Crawl fragment identifiers

Perform HTML validation

Green hosting carbon calculation

Assume pages are HTML

Response timeout

5XX response retries

Spider Preferences Tab

Page title & meta description width

Links preferences

Other character preferences

Other Configuration Options

Content area


Spelling & grammar


URL rewriting





User agent

HTTP header

Custom search

Custom extraction

Custom link positions

Custom JavaScript

Google Analytics integration

Google Search Console integration

PageSpeed Insights integration






Crawl analysis

User Interface



Storage mode

Memory allocation

Trusted Certificates



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