SEO Spider Licence

How Many Users?


Price Per User


Total Per Year


Multiple Licences Discount

Licences are per user. 2 users will require 2 individual licences. We offer discounts on bulk purchases of 5 or more licences at a time.

1 to 4 Licences

£199 per licence,
per year

5 to 9 Licences

£189 per licence,
per year

10 to 19 Licences

£179 per licence,
per year

20+ Licences

£169 per licence,
per year


If you're a reseller purchasing a licence or multiple licences on behalf of a client, please read our comprehensive FAQs below, before making a purchase or contacting support. All information required is provided to speed up the process.

Do you work with resellers? How is the software delivered? What is the part number? What is the reseller price? Where can I get company information? Where can I get licensing terms? Where can I get Form W-9 information? Can I get a quote in a currency other than GBP?