Work Around Missing cs-protocol Support In IIS 10

A Work Around For Missing cs-protocol Support In IIS 10

This guide assumes you’ve read An SEOs Guide To W3C Log Files.

If you import an IIS log file that doesn’t contain the cs-protocol field, you’ll be asked to supply it.

This is fine if your log file contains only traffic for a single protocol, either http or https. If, however, it contains traffic for both http and https, your import will incorrectly classify all traffic as being from a single protocol.

In IIS 8.5 and below there is an easy solution to this, which is to include the cs-protocol field. To do this you need to have the Advanced Logging Module installed, and simply select the field:

Unfortunately, if you are running a later version of IIS you can’t use the Advanced Logging Module, it has been replaced with Enhanced Logging, which doesn’t provide support for a cs-protocol field.

As of version 2.1 of the Log File Analsyer, there is a solution to this. You can create a Custom Field called sf-server-variable-https, with a Source Type of Server Variable and Source of HTTPS. The Log File Analyser will then interpret the on/off value of this field to http/https allowing the Log File Analyser to correctly import your logs.

We hope this helps, but please contact us via support if you have any queries.

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