Case Study:

Suitehub Case Study

Proving the business case for PPC


Suitehub are a leading independent serviced apartment provider with over 40,000 serviced apartments in more than 125 cities across the globe. They specialise in finding the perfect apartments in the right location for business travellers and corporate professionals.

The Brief

After experiencing problems with their previous agencies with little visibility on results and decreasing levels of return, Suitehub approached Screaming Frog disheartened by paid search and unsure of how to capture the traffic and enquiries they knew existed in the market.
After hearing about our fully transparent approach and our working methodology Suitehub were very keen to work with the team and quickly appointed us to test a number of their domestic campaigns with the view of proving the business case for paid search.

Our Strategy

The paid search team looked at this opportunity to start building the accounts from the ground up. They re-evaluated the available data the client had, whilst interrogating Google Analytics to identify high revenue territories and areas of particular focus.

Using this data, the team then completed a full competitor analysis using our industry experience to identify the opportunities in the market and began a full rebuild of the campaigns ensuring that the campaign coverage was highly focused and targeted towards the business travel sector.

Building the campaigns out one-by-one, new territories were targeted and opportunities seized when they are discovered. Once the targeting and keyword strategy was performing well, it was replicated on other networks to increase Suitehub’s overall reach, and drive incremental conversions.

The team at Screaming Frog have been pro-active and transparent about how the PPC campaigns are performing and what we can try next – a stark contrast and refreshing change from our previous agency

Gary Moore

Business Development – Suitehub

Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in CTR


New Territories Covered



As more data is collected, optimisation has reduced CPA by 53% since the account rebuild. The greater visibility on the campaigns and interaction with Screaming Frog has allowed Suitehub to target over 10 new territories which have contributed towards an increase in conversion rates of over 50%.

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