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Amy is a manager and content marketing specialist within Screaming Frog's growing PR team. Outside of work she's a spin and gin enthusiast and can often be found fishing her non-buoyant French Bulldog (Finn) out of the River Thames.

19 October, 2021 by Amy Walton

How To Manage Your Inner Chimp In The PR Jungle

If you find yourself feeling gut-wrenchingly anxious, bubbling with anger or out of your depth in the daily PR grind, it could be because your inner chimp is taking over. Everyone has an inner chimp, whether they like to admit it or not. It’s the primitive, instinctual part of the...

As content marketers, our goal is to create engaging content to reach relevant audiences. This relies heavily on getting content covered in the media and securing valuable backlinks to a client’s website. But getting coverage on high DA news sites isn’t easy. If it was, content marketing agencies wouldn’t exist....