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Jack Prouse

Jack graduated university with a degree in English Language and immediately began a career in copywriting. He eventually made it to Screaming Frog, where he’s in his element creating copy that earns links and keeps people hooked. Outside the office he’s a Brentford season ticket holder and loves live music, barbequed food and lager.

I’m a copywriting expert. Steal my ChatGPT prompts.

I could bore you with the obvious opening line. “I used to be worried about job safety in the age of AI, but now I’m excited to work alongside our machine-learning mates.” But I won’t. Unless that counts. I’m not...

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How to Write Product Copy That Sells

A shopper enters a store. This isn’t a joke, don’t worry. They want a vacuum cleaner, so they pick up the display model. It’s light. They grip the handle. It’s comfortable. They check the size and capacity of the bin...

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Write Better: Tips For Effective Online Copywriting

Everyone thinks they can write. And it’s true – everyone can write. But not everyone writes well. The potential of online copy shouldn’t be overlooked. It engages readers, helps them move around your site and convert. So, how do you...

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