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Matt Hopson

After years of running PPC campaigns in pretty much every vertical, he has learnt that although people always claim to ‘never click on those ads’, they invariably do, which is great for his clients.

UK Paid Media Awards 2024 – Screaming Frog Wins Best Use of LinkedIn Ads

After the amazing news that the Screaming Frog PPC team were finalists at this year’s Paid Media Awards, the wait was finally over, so on Thursday the team found their suits and headed out to a glitzy evening in Marble...

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Changes to AdWords PPC SERPs

The PPC world is awash with excitement about changes to the Google search results page – scrapping the right-hand side column altogether for generic non-branded terms in favour of up to 4 ads above the natural results, and 3 at...

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HeroConf Comes To London

After 4 successful events in the US, this year was the first time that HeroConf ‘hopped across the pond’ and landed in London. As this was the first European trip for the conference it only seemed right for the Screaming...

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Google Shopping Campaigns: PLAs - The Next Generation

When Google first openly discussed that they would be moving their Google shopping section (AKA Froogle if you remember back that far) under the AdWords umbrella there were concerns. I think though, most will agree that Product Listing Ads (PLAs)...

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Halloween is coming to Henley

Historians believe that Halloween has strong ties to Samhain, an ancient Gaelic harvest celebration, and to early pagan festivals. Feasts were held to appease the souls of the dead, and bonfires were lit to ward off evil spirits. Today’s version...

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15 Kick-Ass Keyword Tools That Will Turn You Into a PPC Super-Hero

With all the fuss about AdWords sunsetting their external keyword tool my thoughts turned to which other tools I use to find and expand my keyword lists. Now, I’m not saying some of the ideas below are earth-shattering and I...

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Screaming Frog Advent Calendar- Win a Free Licence!

So with December beginning tomorrow and the run up to Christmas now well and truly underway, to celebrate we will be opening a door each day on a SEO Spider advent calendar on our Facebook page. Behind each door we’ll...

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The Olympic Torch Relay Passes Through Henley

This morning the ‘Frogs were out in force to cheer The Olympic Torch Relay through Henley-on-Thames. Even though the morning was grey there was a great turn out with the riverbank full of spectators all vying for the best views...

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Google adWords Backgrounds Changing... AGAIN

Over the years Google have loved to play around with the way the adWords ads are displayed in the SERPs. One of their favourite ways ways is to change the background colour of the ads. Previous background colour choices have...

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Google AdWords: New Changes to Ad Rotation

Or WTF Adwords!?!?!?! I’m going to start with a confession, the post I had originally planned for today was a recap of the flurry of features that AdWords released last month, noting some of the good changes but also talking...

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