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After years of running PPC campaigns in pretty much every vertical, he has learnt that although people always claim to ‘never click on those ads’, they invariably do, which is great for his clients.

17 January, 2011 by Matt Hopson

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Now Does PPC!

Ever since the idea of the Screaming Frog Spider first popped into Dan’s head I have always been pushing to make sure that it is not only an awesome tool for spotting common SEO issues but also a brilliant tool that screamed (you see what I did there) out about...

3 December, 2010 by Matt Hopson

Google AdWords: New Billing Tab?

I’m not sure if this has been around for a while & I’ve just missed it but when I was reconciling the AdWords costs for one of my clients this morning I noticed that the Billing tab had changed slightly. I’ve included a screenshot below of the ‘new’ tab but...

OK, before I get going let me first apologise for the ridiculous title, everyone loves some good alliteration every now & again and I couldn’t help myself. I’ve recently been reading a few of the Black Friday & Mega Monday posts floating around and as everyone who works in the...