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After travelling around Australia and jobs in PR, marketing & branding, Tom joined the Screaming Frog team. He has been passionate about the ever-changing digital landscape and creating world class content ever since.

4 October, 2021 by Tom Jeffery

How to Use Content & PR to Build Deep Links

"Links to are going to be a key metric for campaign success. We have always struggled to achieve money links." More clients are coming to us wanting deep links to pages that target their core keywords. And the reality is, they are right to want deep links…to an extent....

24 June, 2020 by Tom Jeffery

How to Ideate Content Marketing Campaigns

We’ve all been there, stuck staring at your computer before a content ideation session wondering how to come up with an idea that will attract big media placements that encourage long term SEO value. It is certainly not an easy task and combining this with journalists becoming savvier against blatant...