Screaming Frog 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Dan Sharp

Posted 23 November, 2015 by in Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway

It’s five years ago today that we released the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to the SEO community. It’s amazing to think how far we have come in that time, but I’d rather focus on what’s still to come, celebrate and thank everyone for their awesome support over the years by giving away more Screaming Frog swag.

We had a lot of entries the last time we did a giveaway and many have asked when we will do another. So apologies it’s taken so long, we wanted to make this one even bigger, so there’s a greater chance of winning!

How To Win

If you were unlucky last year, then you have another chance to win a Screaming Frog hoodie, or zoodie and new for this year, we also have some beanies and stickers to giveaway.

In total we have 20 hoodies, 30 beanies and 50 lots of stickers (ideal for laptops / MacBooks) to giveaway. All you need to do to have a chance to win is tweet your entry via the Rafflecopter widget below.

Like last year, the giveaway is one entry per person, the winners will be randomly selected and we will be in touch with regards to sizes and sending them to you (obviously at no cost!). You can be anywhere in the world, which has international post from the UK to enter.

The competition will end in 7 days’ time on the 30th of November and the winners will be announced on Tuesday 1st of December ’15. Here’re the hoodies and zoodies –

Screaming Frog hoodies

The innovative Screaming Frog beanie is able to keep an SEO’s ears warm AND look super cool at the sametime.

screaming frog beanies

Here they are modelled by Lucy and Olli –

screaming frog beanies modelled by Lucy & Olli

This is how you might look if it started to snow (indoors when a fellow colleague unsuspectingly throws fake snow over you, while you’re being photographed) –

screaming frog beanies with snow

And then when two more colleagues join in to dump ‘snow’ over you, and the snow turns into a blizzard –

screaming frog beanies in a blizzard

The funky Screaming Frog laptop stickers (sorry, laptop not included) –

screaming frog stickers

Just Enter The Giveaway Already

You don’t need to worry about providing us with your email address, we promise not to use it for anything promotional; we are just giving away free stuff.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway. The winners will be announced here in just over a week’s time, as well as by Twitter and Facebook. We will also be in touch via email if you win!

Final Note

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone again for their support over the last five years. Screaming Frog just would not be what it is today, without the SEO community.

The continued feedback, suggestions and support from all over the world has been incredible, and you, the community has played a huge role in the direction, development and continued evolution of the tool. I’m really excited to see what the next five years brings us!

Update – The Winners Are!

We had a huge number of entries to win swag, so thanks to all who entered. The winners are as follows –


Kieran Headley
Rob Weatherhead
Tom Blackshire
Jack Stonehouse
Alan Lorthios
Kieron Hughes
Mark Rofe
Kirstin Hargreaves
Richard Keenan-Heard
Conrad O’Connell
Wissam Dandan
Mark Chalcraft
Tara Stockford
Bill Slawski
Sean Malseed
Patrick Coombe
Alan Bleiweiss
Paul Martin
Arnout Hellemans


Ryan Ogilvie
Kevin Ellen
Samuel Hailstone
Andy Drinkwater
Karl Baxter
Tom Etherington
Dan Morehead
Matthew Marley
Andrew Parker
Ragil Pembayun
Stefan Klenk
Sam Harries
Dean Cruddace
Krystian Szastok
Jack Cornwall
Nadine Krewenka
Jens Umland
Kyle Chivers
James Perrott
Shawn Huber
Simon Cox
Rhys Wynne
Sam Gooch
Jack Innes
John Campbell
Raphael Doucet
Ahmed Khalifa
Ian Daniels
Kev Strong
Jim Seward


Charlie Whitworth
Tony Dimmock
Hannah Maguire
Lewis Pugsley
Will Barnes
Paul Delaney
Sam Pennington
Ben Johnston
Shaun Causer
Martin Harrison
James Wilkinson
Joe Leeming
Simon Thompson
Chris Faron
Phil Holmes
Gareth Beck
Nicholas Chimonas
Isabel Caraballo
Angela Bergmann
David Calabuig
Victor Pan
Ross Allen
Markus Klöschen
John Smith
Tahera Crean
Fisnik Sylka
Gerard Enter
Bobby McGill
Anthony Juda
Edgar Estrada
Thomas Newman
Sean Riggs
Gideon Roberts
Roderic Van Binst
Attawee Jaroenwattanawinyoo
Sergio Redondo
Chris Still
Emma Barnes
Philip Bowers
Andrew Martin
Isaac Bullen
Vincent Lahaye
Matthieu Morillon
Quentin Adt
Paul Tyler
Viliana Petrova
Umar Khan
Levi Bloom

Congratulations to you all, we will be in touch shortly with details of the prize!

Thanks again to everyone that entered, to those that didn’t win this time, there will be more!

Dan Sharp is founder & Director of Screaming Frog. He has developed search strategies for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium-sized businesses and designed and managed the build of the innovative SEO Spider software.


  • Daniel Pishock 9 years ago

    HUGE fan to say the least of Screaming Frog. I use this jammy, jam for so many damn things it’s insane. If I win the sweatshirt, I will make it make goal…nay…my mission to make the ScreamingFrog sweatshirt the gnome of 2015: sporting it in every family photo, maternity photos, funerals, you name the scenario, I’ll be rockin’ it.


    • Peter Handley 9 years ago

      I’m greedy, I already have a black hoodie & a beer mat for a coaster on my desk. I want moaaaaah :D

      Well done on making 5 years – I can remember trialling a very early version when I was having issues with canonical home page references across 90% of a clients website and you’ve been making my life as an SEO easier ever since.

      Here’s to 5 more! :D

    • Andy Drinkwater 9 years ago

      Ah but could you get a photo of a drunken night out that resulted in being pinned down by the police (on your back) while wearing it with the resulting photos ending up going viral? Would you then appear in court wearing it as well?

    • screamingfrog 9 years ago

      LOL, this actually made me belly laugh. Cheers Daniel, good luck in the comp!


  • Andy Drinkwater 9 years ago

    Fantastic news guys :D

    Fingers and toes crossed here ;)



  • izhak agam 9 years ago

    I have no luck prizes, but good for you :)

  • chris 9 years ago

    Trying to think of how life was like without smartphones & Screaming Frog!!!

  • Dean Cruddace 9 years ago

    5 years ago I was in my 30s and already 10 years into my SEO career, I used to use the IIS SEO Toolkit and swore blind it was the best thing since sliced bread. And it was. It took some puzzle solving to configure it but it done the job.

    Then Screaming Frog came into my life, like ISME up there it was to solve a tech issue, now I use it for everything from basic crawls through to an essential step in my disavow process and so much more. I am fanboi.

  • David Calabuig 9 years ago

    Congratulations to the entire team of Screaming Frog! Today is also my birthday

    Congratulations for this great tool that helps us to web scraping. See if I’m lucky and for my birthday touches me a sweatshirt.



  • Yukihito Ikoma 9 years ago

    Last year , i was unlucky guy ;)
    but this year… (ツ

  • Ahmet 9 years ago

    Congrat from Germany!

    May the force be with us…

  • Gideon 9 years ago

    I corrected the messed up tweet!

  • Hardik Oza 9 years ago

    Big congratulations from an Indian fan, Keep rocking! ;)

  • Steve Belshaw 9 years ago

    Much respect to the Screaming Frog team

  • Tom 9 years ago

    Wow, looking good. Congrats! :)

  • Ramon 9 years ago

    Happy Anniversary guys!

  • Congratulations guys. The value your application has given everyone in my team is quite literally unspeakable – no words could do it justice to be fair.

    Keep up the fantastic work, I keep hearing people talk about certain tools being the Swiss Army Knife of SEO – well Screaming Frog is for me.

  • Andrew Martin 9 years ago

    Hoppy Birthday, froglets.

    …I hope there’s a massive cake in the office.

  • Alan Whiteside 9 years ago

    Thanks for making such an amazing piece of software available. entered the competition, lets see what happens.

  • Patrick Coombe 9 years ago

    Good luck everyone :)

  • Ragil Pembayun 9 years ago

    Just won a beanie, woooo! Well chuffed. Thanks and happy anniversary, guys. You rock!

  • David Ross 9 years ago

    Can’t believe I missed it!

    Well done the winners :o)

  • NEcreative 9 years ago

    Good for a perfect team!

  • Paul Martin 9 years ago

    See my name in the winers list for a hoodie but have not heard anything is it me….

    • screamingfrog 9 years ago

      Hi Paul,

      It was a Paul Martin @ Epiphany who won I am afraid, and we’ve spoke with him already.



  • Thiago 9 years ago

    Ya’ll should definetely create a swag store. I don’t have a licence myself, but already had 4 clients to buy the seo spider hehe, so you can say I’m kind of a fan of it. ;)

  • Taylor Davidson 9 years ago

    Congratulations on completing 5 years. You definitely have improved life of several bloggers and SEO like us. Unfortunately, I am little too late for the contest. Congratulations to all winners.

  • Haroun Kola 9 years ago

    Congratulations guys.

  • Hieronymus Franck 9 years ago

    Congratulations to the entire team of Screaming Frog!

  • יאיר פיקס 8 years ago

    Love your software. Keep the good job.

  • سئو در عمل 8 years ago

    I’m going to buy screamingfog software but i don’t know you accept users from Iran or not?
    Is screaming fog spider able to analyses non-english sites like ?
    ( sent emails but no answer yet )

  • Consultant seo 8 years ago

    Happy new year because it’s to late for your birthday :D

  • Thats Awesome! Really cool stuff.. Congrats to all the winners to get this cool stuff…You guys should launch a store for others to be able to buy these stuff too :)

  • Jakob 8 years ago

    So much better than Xenu! Thanks for developing such a great SEO tool

  • Pavel 8 years ago

    Happy anniversary!
    Big respect to of the Screaming frog team, you’ve defiantly built one of the useful SEO tools i’m using.

  • Nikolay Stoyanov 8 years ago

    Happy anniversary guys! You are the best!

  • Nir Levi 8 years ago

    Happy anniversary !! I use screaming frog on a daily basis!

    Keep up the good work!


  • Wujek Gugiel 8 years ago

    Congratulations from Poland ! :)

  • Ruth Attwood 8 years ago

    Wow, five years of awesomeness – how did any of us ever do any SEO before you guys? Here’s to many more!

  • alaminaloy 8 years ago

    Congratulations guys. some day before i know about frog. frog is awesome i like it.. some day we work together with my future plan based website. thanks

  • Lori Newman 8 years ago

    So sorry I missed this! Trying out Screaming frog now – so far I really like what I see – have heard many good things.

  • Mark Ronson 7 years ago

    I am using your Screaming Frog tools and it is as awesome as easy to use! It’s been too late to greet, although, Congratulations for completing 5 years and thanks for this amazing tool!


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