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Configuration > API Access > Ahrefs

In order to use Ahrefs, you will need a subscription which allows you to pull data from their API. You then just need to navigate to ‘Configuration > API Access > Ahrefs’ and then click on the ‘generate an API access token’ link.

ahrefs API integration

You will then be taken to Ahrefs, where you need to select your workspace.

Ahrefs select workspace

Then ‘allow’ access to the Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Ahrefs allow access to Screaming Frog

You will then be given a unique access token from Ahrefs (but hosted on the Screaming Frog domain).

ahrefs API token

If a ‘We Missed Your Token’ message is displayed, then follow the instructions in our FAQ here. Then copy and input this token into the API key box in the Ahrefs window, and click ‘connect’ –

Connect to Ahrefs API

You can then select the metrics you wish to pull at either URL, subdomain or domain level.

Ahrefs API metrics

Then simply click ‘start’ to perform your crawl, and the data will be automatically pulled via their API, and can be viewed under the ‘link metrics’ and ‘internal’ tabs.

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