How To Bulk Check Redirects

Check redirects by crawling your site, or by uploading a list of URLs in bulk. Discover if they are 301s or 302s, loops and chains.

How To Find Orphan Pages

Connect to Google Analytics and Search Console, integrate XML Sitemaps and discover orphan pages, that are not linked to internally from the website.

How To Use Custom Search

Find anything you want in the HTML or text of a website, such as old brand names, keywords for internal linking, or verifying tracking tags.

HTTP Status Codes – Why Won’t My Website Crawl?

If the SEO Spider only crawls one page, or not as expected, the ‘Status’ and ‘Status Code’ are the first things to check. Learn more...

Robots.txt Testing In The SEO Spider

View URLs blocked by robots.txt, the disallow lines & use the custom robots.txt to check & validate a sites robots.txt thoroughly, and at scale.

What Is Link Score?

Find out more about our Link Score algorithm which calculates the relative importance of URLs based on the internal linking of a site.

XML Sitemap Generator

Learn how to generate an XML Sitemap (and image sitemap), including the URLs, last modified, priority and change frequency you want.

How To Use The SEO Spider In A Site Migration

Learn how to use the SEO Spider's crawling and features in a site migration to work more efficiently, and improve chances of success.

How To Bypass Geo IP Redirection In A Crawl

Learn how to set your preferred country using web form authentication to crawl a site when it uses automatic GEO IP redirection.

How To Perform A Cookie Audit

Perform a cookie audit for compliance to identify all cookies that are being automatically set without explicit user consent at scale.

How To Find Broken Bookmarks

Find and fix broken bookmarks also referred to as ‘jump links’, ‘named anchors’, and ‘skip links'.

How To Analyse Link Position

Analyse the position of links found in a crawl to identify and fix links faster, and improve internal linking for users and search engines.

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