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Patrick is Head of SEO at Screaming Frog, leading a team of talented search marketers and content specialists to deliver best in class technical SEO, creative content and cutting edge digital PR for our clients. Away from the office you might find Patrick playing guitar in his band or complaining about his beloved Arsenal Football Club.

3 September, 2019 by Patrick Langridge

How to Scrape Google Search Features Using XPath

Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) have changed a great deal over the last 10 years, with more and more data and information being pulled directly into the results pages themselves. Google search features are a regular occurrence on most SERPs nowadays, some of most common features being featured snippets...

4 June, 2018 by Patrick Langridge

10 SISTRIX Features I Love

I have a confession to make - I love SISTRIX. SISTRIX, for the uninitiated, is an SEO tool which (amongst other things) plots website visibility based on ranking data, and gives a ton of useful and actionable insight into website performance. SISTRIX's Visibility Index uses millions of data points to...

19 August, 2016 by Patrick Langridge

Digital Henley - SEO Personalisation Presentation

Rewind a few weeks ago, on a sweltering evening in South Oxfordshire, Redberry Digital ran the fifth incarnation of their successful Digital Henley event at Henley's Red Lion Hotel. I was kindly invited to speak on the broad topic of the evening; personalisation. Having nervously accepted and painstakingly thrown together...

13 June, 2016 by Patrick Langridge

How Accurate Are Website Traffic Estimators?

If you’ve worked at an agency for any significant amount of time, and particularly if you’ve been involved in forecasting, proposals or client pitches, you’ve likely been asked at least one of (or a combination or amalgamation of) the following questions: 1) How much traffic can I expect to receive?...

31 March, 2014 by Patrick Langridge

SEO Lookalikes

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day so we thought we'd have a bit of fun on the SF blog, and post a bunch of SEO lookalikes for you to enjoy! Rand Fishkin and Matthew Broderick Matt Cutts and Rick Moranis Danny Sullivan and Sean Hayes Barry Schwartz and that guy from...

11 February, 2014 by Patrick Langridge

What Should You Do If You Receive a Google Brand Penalty?

Google have been handing out penalties and manual actions to websites for some time now, but lately we’ve seen an increasing number of cases of brands being nailed and getting wiped from the SERPs for even branded search terms. There have been some big brands in both the UK and...

18 October, 2012 by Patrick Langridge

The 11 Most Infamous Google Bombs In History

Google bombing is a practise whereby a specific web page is targeted to rank in 1st position in the SERPs for a particular search phrase, so that when that phrase is typed in Google it brings often humorous or controversial results. In order to achieve this, a group of people...

2 April, 2012 by Patrick Langridge

Screaming Frog at LinkLove London

Screaming Frog at LinkLove London 2012 Last Friday the Screaming Frog SEO team ventured out of our comfortable setting of sunny Henley-on-Thames, to head into the Big Smoke to attend Distilled’s much lauded LinkLove conference. Distilled have been running successful SEO events on both sides of the Atlantic (LinkLove Boston...

18 October, 2011 by Patrick Langridge

SEO & PR – Why They Are Closer Than You Think

I’m fortunate enough to have been part of the ‘Frog family for a few months now and coming from a background in PR, I thought it might be interesting to share my thoughts comparing the two industries. Are we miles apart or closer than you think? What are the similarities...