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20 March, 2018 by Mark Porter

Content Ideation: Tools & Techniques

Creating content these days is tough. Historically, when us content marketers find something that works well we tend to pursue them relentlessly, to the point of reaching diminishing returns (infographics are a case in point). (more…)

15 November, 2017 by Daniel Cartland

Canonicals – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Canonical URLs can be marked up as a link element within the head of a page, or by rel="canonical" HTTP headers to signal to search engines which page is the "preferred" URL to rank - usually in situations where content is duplicated or shared across many pages. The use of...

5 April, 2017 by screamingfrog

How To Fetch & Render (Almost) Any Site

From time to time, we've struggled to get access to Google Search Console quickly from a client to perform a fetch and render. Or, we've just wanted to perform a fetch and render on a third party site that isn't verified to us, to understand how it renders, or test...

You’ll have likely noticed some big changes to the Google Keyword Planner tool recently – namely that it now groups together the search volume data for many similar keyword variants. For example, if you research ‘car warranty’ and ‘car warranties’ you will see that they each have an estimated average...

13 July, 2016 by Daniel Cartland

How To Analyse Your Ideas To Find Killer Content

Finding content that will garner authoritative links at volume is, on paper, an easy task. Simply think of an interesting content idea that is relevant to your client, find the right people to get in contact with, sell them your idea (which shouldn’t be hard because it’s so interesting it...

13 June, 2016 by Patrick Langridge

How Accurate Are Website Traffic Estimators?

If you’ve worked at an agency for any significant amount of time, and particularly if you’ve been involved in forecasting, proposals or client pitches, you’ve likely been asked at least one of (or a combination or amalgamation of) the following questions: 1) How much traffic can I expect to receive?...

23 May, 2016 by Mark Porter

Super Quick Content Gap Analysis

We haven’t been using Sistrix for all that long at Screaming Frog, though we’re fast becoming one of their biggest fans. We usually approach ‘all in one tools’ with an air of scepticism, as while they may cover all of the bases, it doesn't always mean they do it well....

21 September, 2015 by Mark Porter

The Books of BrightonSEO

Those of you who have attended an industry conference before will know that books regularly make an appearance within speakers' slides and talks. While we’re often bombarded with online articles, ebooks and whitepapers in this day and age, books are the time-tested medium for consuming knowledge and honing your skills....

8 April, 2015 by screamingfrog

How To Use Wireshark With The SEO Spider

Here at Screaming Frog we occasionally get support queries from users of the SEO Spider reporting issues such as recording the wrong response code, or perhaps reporting a page to have no title or headings, when they are there when viewed in a browser. We often get asked if it's...

29 September, 2014 by Mark Porter

Panda 4.1 – the Return of the Design Sites?

On Friday Google announced that they slowly started rolling out the latest Panda update, dubbed 4.1 by Search Engine Land, earlier in the week. This latest 'improved' iteration of the Panda algorithm has affected around 3-5% of search queries, and according to Pierre Far the update rewards high quality small...

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