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Richard is a Technical SEO Manager, working with fellow Frogs on a variety of technical campaigns & projects. Outside of work you can find him watching some of his favourite films, planning his next adventure abroad, or (most likely) just at the pub.

8 April, 2019 by Richard Lawther

Reviving Retired Search Console Reports

Since I started my journey in the world of SEO, the old Google Search Console (GSC) has been a mainstay of every campaign I’ve worked on. Together, we’ve dealt with some horrific JavaScript issues, tackled woeful hreflang implementation, and watched site performance reach its highest highs and lowest lows. Sadly,...

From crawl completion notifications to automated reporting: this post may not have Billy the Kid or Butch Cassidy, instead, here are a few of my most useful tools to combine with the SEO Spider, (just as exciting). We SEOs are extremely lucky—not just because we’re working in such an engaging...

6 August, 2018 by Richard Lawther

Bulk Testing PageSpeed Insights with the SEO Spider

Update: This page was updated on 15-11-18 to reflect PSI now being powered by Google Lighthouse, and the associated metrics this now provides.  Google does a great job of providing a variety of tools for SEO’s and webmasters to use, and although they may not provide the most detailed analysis...