Release History

SEO Spider Release History

Date Version Features
6th June 2018 9.4 Bug fixes.
29th May 2018 9.3 Bug fixes.
27th Mar 2018 9.2 Bug fixes.
8th Mar 2018 9.1 Bug fixes.
26th Feb 2018 9.0 Database Storage Mode (Scale), In-App Memory Allocation, Store & View HTML & Rendered HTML, Custom HTTP Headers, XML Sitemap Improvements, Granular Search Functionality, Updated SERP Snippet Emulator and Post Crawl API Requests.
8th Nov 2017 8.3 Bug fixes.
18th Oct 2017 8.2 Bug fixes.
27th Jul 2017 8.1 Bug fixes.
16th Jul 2017 8.0 Updated UI, External Link Metrics, Custom Configuration Profiles, JavaScript Redirects, HSTS Support, Hreflang Auditing In XML Sitemaps and Fetch & Render Screenshots Exporting
30th Jan 2017 7.2 Prevent Printing/Playing of Audio in Javascript rendering mode, Bug Fixes.
15th Dec 2016 7.1 Bug Fixes
12th Dec 2016 7.0 ‘Fetch & Render’ (Rendered Screen Shots), Blocked Resources, Custom robots.txt, hreflang Attributes, rel=”next” and rel=”prev” Errors, Maintain List Order Export, Web Forms Authentication (Crawl Behind A Login).
16th Aug 2016 6.2 Bug Fixes
3rd Aug 2016 6.1 Bug Fixes
21st Jul 2016 6.0 Rendered Crawling (JavaScript), Configurable Columns & Ordering, XML Sitemap & Sitemap Index Crawling, Improved Custom Extraction – Multiple Values & Functions, rel=“next” and rel=“prev” Elements Now Crawled, Updated SERP Snippet Emulator.
22nd Oct 2015 5.1 Bug Fixes
4th Sep 2015 5.0 Google Search Analytics Integration, View & Audit URLs Blocked By Robots.txt, GA & GSC Not Matched Report, Configurable Accept-Language Header
16th Jul 2015 4.1 GA Not Matched Report, Bug Fixes.
7th Jul 2015 4.0 Google Analytics Integration, Custom Extraction.
23rd Mar 2015 3.3 Bug Fixes
4th Mar 2015 3.2 Bug Fixes
24th Feb 2015 3.1 Bug Fixes
11th Feb 2015 3.0 Tree View, Insecure Content Report, Image Sitemaps & Updated XML Sitemap Features, Paste URLs In List Mode, Improved Bulk Exporting, Windows Look & Feel.
29th Jul 2014 2.55 Command Line Option To Start Crawls
1st Jul 2014 2.5 Graph View, Verified publisher for the Windows platform.
15th May 2014 2.4 SERP Snippets Now Editable, SERP Mode For Uploading Page Titles & Descriptions, Crawl Overview Right Hand Window Pane, Ajax Crawling #!, Canonical Errors Report.
14th Mar 2014 2.3 Pixel Width Calculated For Page Titles & Meta Descriptions, SERP Snippet Tool, Configurable Preferences, Canonicals Are Now Crawled, More In-Depth Crawl Limits, Microsoft Excel Support.
3rd Dec 2013 2.22 Mac version now from Identified developer, row numbers.
20th Oct 2013 2.21 Individual cell selection, bug fixes.
15th Jul 2013 2.2 Redirect Chains Report, Crawl Path Report, Respect noindex & Canonical, rel=”next” and rel=”prev”, Custom Filters Now Regex, Crawl Overview Report
30th Jan 2013 2.1 Save Default Configuration, Response Time, Filter Totals, Bulk Export Out Links, Accept Cookies, 5XX Response Retries, Request Authentication, Response Timeout.
27th Jun 2012 2.0 Word count, URL rewriting, Auto check for updates, Remove URLs, Advanced exports, Crawling outside of sub folders / domains.
21st Feb 2012 1.9 Ubuntu Version, Include follow true/false at link level in our bulk link exports, Crawls .swf links, Export all alt text via the bulk export.
31st Oct 2011 1.8 Crawl Speed Control, XML Sitemaps, Regex support for Exclude, Bulk Export Missing Alt Text URI, List Mode Accepts XML Sitemap Files.
15th Aug 2011 1.7 Include, User Agent Configuration, X-Robots-Tag & Canonical HTTP Header support, Re-Spider URLs.
13th Jun 2011 1.6 Faster crawling at scale, Save/Open projects, Bulk Export Of Links, UI Search Function.
1st Mar 2011 1.4 Mac Version, Non standard port number crawling, Character encoding, html content detection.
7th Feb 2011 1.3 Right click options, Base tag
15th Jan 2011 1.2 List Mode, Custom Search
6th Dec 2010 1.1 Proxy Support, Crawl Depth Configuration
23rd Nov 2010 1.0 First release, Windows only.
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