Validation: HTML Document Over 15mb

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HTML Document Over 15mb

Pages which are over 15mb in document size. This is important as Googlebot limit their crawling and indexing to the first 15MB of an HTML file or supported text-based file.

This size does not include resources referenced in the HTML such as images, videos, CSS, and JavaScript that are fetched separately.

Google only considers the first 15MB of the file for indexing and stops crawling afterwards. The file size limit is applied on the uncompressed data.

The median size of a HTML file is about 30 kilobytes (kB), so pages are highly unlikely to reach this limit.

How to Analyse in the SEO Spider

View URLs with this issue in the ‘Validation’ tab and ‘HTML Document Over 15mb’ filter, and export all URLs using the ‘Export’ button.

What Triggers This Issue

This issue is triggered when pages are over 15mb in document size.

How To Fix

Ensure all pages are below 15mb in file size. Identify why the page is so ridiculously large, and consider any necessary improvements, such as moving inline CSS and scripts to external files or breaking up the page where appropriate.

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