PageSpeed: Use Video Format for Animated Images

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Use Video Format for Animated Images

Pages with GIFs that are inefficient for delivering animated content. Savings can be made on users bandwidth by converting their format to video which can play automatically, without sound and on loop in the same way using the <video> element.

How to Analyse in the SEO Spider

To populate this filter the PageSpeed Insights API must be connected via ‘Config > API Access > PSI’.

View URLs with this issue in the ‘PageSpeed’ tab and filter and use the lower ‘PageSpeed Details’ tab to click on the issue on the left-hand side, and see details of the GIFs on the right-hand side.

Bulk export the pages and GIFs via ‘Reports > PageSpeed > Use Video Formats for Animated Content’.

What Triggers This Issue

This issue is triggered when pages use GIFs for delivering animated content, which can be inefficient in terms of file size and bandwidth usage.

How To Fix

Consider using MPEG4/WebM videos for animations and PNG/WebP for static images instead of GIF to save network bytes.

Further Reading

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